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Re: Oil Updates

Yep, had a few discussions in the race community, and found this info for
y'all....  The Garrett used in the dodges have very small oil feed holes for
the bearings, for this one would figgr that the more viscous the oil the
bettr the bearings would float...  Well thats true for the garrets, cuz they
are very light in comparision to the audis, by this I mean not just weight,
but the kkk uses a much beefier bearing and exhaust housing, so the heat
retention is very high in the turbo...  So, the kkk should be run (esp the hi
heat S4) with either 15/40 or 20/50 SYNTHETIC OIL.   Change it often, no
matter what viscosity, and after hi heat stress runs, like right after a QC
event, comes to mind (and right b4), or after any of you bonzai drivers make
one of your triple digit marathons on our interstates...... Again, the use of
an additional oil cooler was highly recommended by all....  Epecially if you
are running a modified boost increase, remember, the one that is on your
turbo is meant to handle the heat for the stock boost only.....

Hope this helps