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More Laser Stuff

> I saw a pair of cops hiding behind a guard barrier in Pontiac on 
>I-75 a few weeks ago.  They were outside their car, with a laser 
>on a tripod.  It gets better...  Behind them was a lineup of about 
>five police cruisers waiting to chase the tagged speeders.  There 
>were already 3 or 4 cruisers with cars pulled over down the road!  
>One laser, 8-10 cruisers?

Yesterday here in St. Louis they had 2 cops (1 male and 1 Female)
posing as hitchhikers with their laser gun hidden in their "Will Work for
sign (I guess they were making the "Dough"!) on the other side of the hill
FIFTEEN (15)! crusiers that they kept busy for over 4 hours!! The moral of
this story is... It aint safe out there, Everything on the side of the road 
should be considered as a "Hostile Unit".

See ya

Eric Fletcher
'87 5KCSTQ