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Re: 4KCSQ/alignments

>These tire places dont do 4 wheel alignments, and from what I have >been 
>told, and (I have seen the results!!) They cant properly do the front of 
>a quattro either. Apparently their machinery doesnt have the range >that 
>the front suspension has, and it makes it worse. I was told unless >you 
>REALLY REALLY need something done in the front, dont let them >try to 
>align it.

Bob, while some tyre shops may be using ancient equipment, most front-end
shops use modern equip like Hunter D-111's or Bear racks. These machines are
very capable of setting up a quattro to OEM specs or your personal
preference. As others here have said, it's not so much the level of
equipment, it's the skill and knowledge of the person doing the adjusting.
I've worked with Hunter equipment and it's so self-prompting that someone
with little or no knowledge of caster/camber/toe/thrust angles can use it.
This isn't very comforting to think about, but if you can find a shop that'll
give you printouts before and after of the specs; and one that you feel
comfortable is knowledgeable about your car, stick with it. 

Hope this helps!
-Chris Semple

Ps: It's funny that you got such a great deal on a BJ here in NH, while I
didn't even check local and ordered from CA. Oh well, where is Autoparts
Foreign, anyway?