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Re: Thanks Dan Simoes

          Uh, I have to agree with the expressions of thanks of the
          others on this list. Thanks Dan!

          Oh, and BTW, the existence and constitution of this list
          did help a lot in my decision to buy an Audi. Given the
          rather uncertain and less than positive many non-Audi owners
          have of the marque, it was great to find a group of people
          that supported the decision and are there to help with
          questions and problems.

          In addition, I have to say, as a director of the
          swedishbricks Volvo discussion group, you guys *really* know
          your cars! I haven't spent any time on either the BMW or
          Porsche lists, and understand they're pretty dedicated folk
          too, but I have spent time on both the Volvo and Saab
          groups. The Volvo group *will* give you a run for the money
          <g> but the Saab owners are interested in discussing  new
          900 problems and recalls (take it to the dealer stupid!)
          and how to keep their convertible tops clean. <YAWN>

          YMMV :)

          Lee Levitt
          1990 Audi 200T 61K
          1988 Volvo 745T 107K
          1980 Condor Classic Roadie 50K
          1988 Wicked Fat Chance 10K