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87 5kTQ Timing Belt (was 84 5kS Timing Belt)

Thanks to all who shot me pointers on what to look for when replacing the
timing belt on my (her, whatever) 84 5000S.  I managed to get my hands on the
proper tools (a billion thanks Paul!) for the job, and had the car runing again
Saturday night.  Of course I got some weird looks on the way to work on Sunday
since there was no bumper, grill or headlight trim, but it ran and that was the
important part.  Once I figured out what I was doing the proceedure was
actually quite simple.  Now comes the next question.  My 87 5kTQ needs a timing
belt as well.  I pulled it in the garage after putting the 84 back together
figuring I could have the Quattro apart in a few hours.  Wrong!  What's that
intercooler doing there?!?  Bentley mentions ZERO about how to get around this
obstacle.  It doesn't look that involved, but how do I get the thing out of the
way?  Can I just unbolt the sucker and pull it out, or should I leave all the
hoses (think there's three) attached and just unbolt it and push it off to the
side (not sure if that is even possible.)  The timing belt on the 84 was so
easy I see no reason to pay someone else to do my Quattro, I just have this one
extra piece to deal with!  What do I do with the intercooler?!?  I'm afraid of
introducing bad stuff into the turbo system by screwing with the thing!  Any
advice or pointers anyone?  Many thanks if you can!

87 5000CS TQ