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On Mon, 3 Apr 1995 mlarosa@interserv.com wrote:

> I have a gif of an 86 ? Audi Turbo Quattro Coupe in a 4 wheel drift thru some 
> dirt....
> It's bright red and on a 19" monitor it looks great!!  I use it as my 
> background image 
> on a sparc 10.  If you'd like a copy I can convert it to 10 or so different 
> images.
> I believe I got from someone else on the quattro list......
I would be interested in this pic too! And also... how do you get it to 
display on the background of a SS10? I also have a SS10, running BSD 
4.1.3 and Openwindows. Im very Unix literate, so you can just outline how 
to do it.. Thanks! I appreciate it.
(might give me an incentive to go to work!)

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