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Re: car buying

   Hello Audi Nuts......

   Just got of the phone with Dennis at Brooktree Auto.  He is going to look for 
   Audi Wagon for me Preferably a 92.... I had mentioned I found out about him 
   the Audi E-mail Group and he asked how it worked....... ( NOMEX ON :-) ) He 
   was very interested and wondered about posting a weekly add of just Audi's to 
   the group.

   I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  

   What da ya think ? Should we take a poll ?

I for one strongly discourage the "commercial" advertising angle. I think
it would be great if he/they "subscribe" and "respond" to specific re-
quests, but the *last* thing I want to see is a zillion "regular" adver-
tisements on this list!