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 I'm an economist so forgive me..
 But it seems to me if we allow dealers to advertise here we should get 
something in return, either discounts on parts or technical advice from a 
qualified technition. Now I must admit that we have somthing to gain from 
having access to those postings, whether we are looking for a new/used 
audi, keeping an eye on values, or even just dreaming about the cars we 
can't afford. (the latter two are my personal interests). However the 
dealer has far more to gain and should, as in any other medium, have to 
pay for it.  I'm sure there is an audi tech out there who is computer 
literate and wouldn't mind spending some time behind a computer for 
pay.  To put this all in some formal Economics jargon: I'm sure we've all 
been screwed enough by our Audi dealers to know that we don't really owe 
them any favors. (of course there are exceptions and I apologize for 
being overly hostile). Perhaps if a dealer advertises here we sould get 
say a 20% discount on parts, meaning thet the dealers markup is reduced 
to 80% instead of the rather common 100% mark-ups. I do encourage the 
posting of any Audis list members are selling or find in their local 
papers or through friends. (or perhaps even interesting non-Audis such as 
a nice Porsche 356 that I happen to know is available..... Nah, we should 
stick to Audis.) 

Just my two cents, (or $200 with dealer mark-up)
Rod Wiggins
83 Uberwagon (TQC)