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Re: suspension

Re: suspension upgrades (4000Q)

I recently (Dec. '94) upgraded the suspension on my '85 4000Q.
Here's a list of what I did:

    o H&R progressive lowering (1.5") springs
    o Koni adjustable front shocks (externally adjustable)
    o Koni adjustable rear shocks (set once and install)
    o control arm bushings (stock)
    o new balljoints (the rears are EXPEN$IVE!!)
    o new wheel bearing (front and rear)
    o new strut bearings and boots
    o one new CV joint (right front - outside)

I adjusted the rear Konis to half scale before installing. The
fronts are adjustable by installing a removable knob onto an
adjustment tang and turning in the desired direction. I've
set them at half scale, but I think I'll stiffen them up a bit.

Everything starts out really stiff, but loosens up a bit after
a few miles. I've now put 3,000 miles on the car since the

The difference is amazing over stock. I've had this car since
new and it was never this good. The car just turned 63,000 and
still performs as it did at 10,000.

I've looked at the cost to replace it with a newer model, but
I can't find anyone willing to match my monthly payments. :)
At this point, I'd rather spend a few bucks to make my car
drivable than saddle myself with a large car loan.

All of the above cost me around $2K or so, including machine
shop time to press bearings and make a control arm bushing
tool. Take your time and do it right. I did this work over
a period of 3 weeks.

-steve powers