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Re: lowering 5ktq

> My guess is that ned is refering to the "bumpSteer" problem that also
> affects the fwd vw at 2.0in and lower...

Technically, the problem is not so much one of "bumpsteer" (although that is
certainly a potential problem) but of steering geometry.  Whenever the inner
control arm pickup point is lower than the ball joint, that particular wheel
will move toward positive camber in bump and decrease the amount of traction
available by causing the tire to roll over on its outside edge.

> Basically the driveshafts, once they angle to the hub at more than
> parallel (to the ground from tranny) you will get this problem, (as well
> as swaybar mounts too high), it creates some interesting steering
> geometry, and this is compounded on the q's cuz of the four driveshafts...

This is not a steering geometry problem but a mechanical one.  Whenever the
wheel moves (up or down, left or right) the CV joints shift around in order
to compensate and this movement that causes them to wear.  Because cars are
driven straight most of the time, they aren't required to move very much in
normal day-to-day driving and therefore have a reasonably long life.

However, when the driveshafts are run at an angle, they're compensating all
the time -- it's as if the car is turning continually -- and wear increases
considerably thus shortening their life dramatically (especially if you are
feeding 350hp through them!).

> From an ex-racers standpoint I have little problems with the factory
> springs with the proper sport strut, and it is my opinion that the
> handling improvements with springs will be second to handling with the
> proper swaybar setup.....

I agree but the improvement that can result from changing BOTH springs and
bars is greater still.  The key is getting everything balanced and that is
why it's best to order a complete package -- shocks, springs, bars -- that
has been designed to work together rather than mix-and-match pieces from a
number of different suppliers.  Unless you're an inveterate tinkerer, as I
am, and think you can do better, as I do (at least so far as MY tastes and
preferences are concerned ... YMMV, of course).  :^)

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