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93 90CS sale by dealer

If anyone's lookin. . .

Saw it this morning. Metallic silver 90 CS quattro. 1993
        5-speed. 10 spoke alloys. Grey leather interior.

I looked to be in pretty good shape. Cept for busted left driving/fog
integral with bumper light.
It's in Ithaca, NY. Couple of hours east of Rochester, NY.(Niagara Falls)

Mileage. Drum roll pleeze. Are you ready for 9183miles.
Honest! That's what I read off the odometer. My eyesight could be going.

Let me know if anyone needs any further info.

Oh yeah. The price part. $23,9K :-(
I'll be back at dealer to pick up car this late afternoon. Haven't test
driven it so the tranny could be all metal filings. But dealers wouldn't
sell a car like that. Would they?

Ernest Wong
email: esw5@cornell.edu