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Re: Can anyone recommend an Audi Mechanic in Boston?

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>   I've had *GREAT* results with _Lynnefield_  Porsche/Audi at Rtes 93 and
>   1on warranty work. New A/C compressor, climate-control computer, stereo,
>   all no charge on a used '87 5000CSQTW I bought there.
>   -glen

	Lynnfeild Porshe/Audi was just bought out by Ira Olds/Toyota.
They are now on Route 114 in Danvers.  To bad about the buy out because
the people at Lynnfield were great, expecially the YOUNG manager, he was
a riot!  Anyhow, the've moved to Route 114.  BTW, the building they were
in is for rent/lease if anyone is interested.  I think the fact that
they did not last was due to location.  Their location was only visible
once to were on top of it and by then I was always going to fast to