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Fixing the pwr window sw

The switch is repairable if you have a MacGuyver Knife a thin blade screw
driver and about a half hour....  Did one on a Marathon drive from PA the
other week at a rest area...  The top pulls off the switch, then insert the
knife and the screwdriver thru the bottom of the switch sides and pry out the
center part (two tabs on the each of the long sides)...  (the top must be off
cuz the blue tabs you see from the top down are part of the center)...  Be
careful when pulling the center out there are two metal tabs that fall out of
their guides, but are obvious in their location on rr....    The switch
itself works like a set of points, and like a set of points, just needs a
little cleaning of the pitted contacts, and voila, yer done...  Reassemble
and give a try...  The lights on the window switches are LED so they should
never burn out...  If they aren't on, you have an electrical problem either
in the regulator or towards the fuse box...  Hope this helps....

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