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90 Quattro Coupe

I need you, the experts, opinion.  I have someone interested in purchasing my
1990 Quattro Coupe.  It has 63,400 miles, all the options, which I think is
standard, and is in fairly good shape.  It could use 2 new headlight brackets.
(One busted when I bought it, one I busted when I clipped a snow bank).  What
is my car worth?  I have been looking at trading it in on an Eaglon Talon AWD
and the local delarships (Central PA) only want to give me $9000 or $10,000
for it.  Which I feel is TOTALLY ridiculous.  They don't "want" my car, they
feel that they will not be able to sell it.  If anyone knows anything about
Audi's they should be happy to get it.  Anyway, I was thinking of asking
$14,000-$14,500 if I sold it.  Is this fair?  Too high?  Too low?

I would love to hear anyone's opinion on this.  Thanks.

Cindy Byers
Staff Assistant
Penn State University