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Re: 90 Quattro Coupe

>That is balloney.  I was looking at a black 90 Quattro Coupe out at Shields
>last year (Penn State, State College PA right?  I lived with Sue, the 
>of the owner of that dealership, so I know all of their tricks!) and they 
>asking around $17,500 for it, I think.  Didn't last long either, if I 
>correctly.  They were willing to give it to me for a decent discount, 
>$14,500 if I remember correctly (yes, my memory is horrible.)  It's not 

Around Denver, there are 2 new style coupes in the paper

90, red, all options, new tires, full warranty, excel cond, $13600/best 

90, black, grey lthr, new tires, $11800

Hope this helps.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com