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Re: Re[2]: Calender

Excuse me ,are you misunderstanding ? who gonna send money to Thailand ?
Send for what ?

On Fri, 7 Apr 1995 llevitt@idcresearch.com wrote:

> Phil writes (privately) and I hope he doesn't mind me posting publicly:
> > So someone is going to ship a bunch of money out to Thailand - to someone
> > they've never seen?  How does this differ from the "computers for sale" scams
> > that have been run?  Has anyone checked this guy's bona fides?
> Uh, well, I was thinking that very same thing. If this guy *really* is a member 
> of Volkswagen of Pacific Rim or whatever, it sure would be easy for him to bulk 
> the stuff over to the US and have a local office sell it off or give it away to 
> whoever...
> It's prolly easier for him to just junk the stuff, so he's either being a really
> nice guy or doing the alt.make.money.fast thang.
> And frankly, I would prefer not to risk the couple of hundred collective dollars
> to find out. After all, if he is a cyber-punk (tm), what recourse would we have?
> None!
> Enough for me. I'll consider it a foregone opportunity to either get a really 
> nice (and unusual) calendar or lose $20. Oh well.
> Lee Levitt
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