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Re: 87 5kTQ Valve Tap

> but I think you may have just damaged one hydraulic lifter. I'm basing
> this on the assumption that the lifter is probably the weekest of the
> components in the piston-valve-lifter-cam chain. The only way to know
> *positively* what is damaged is to take off the head. I suggest you
> try a simpler solution first. Using a mechanic's stethoscope (or a length
> of garden hose or something similar), try to isolate which valve is
> making the noise and change the lifter on that one and see if the noise
> disappears. Good luck.

Well, I guess a lifter will be easier and cheaper than a valve to fix.  So, um,
since the Bentley is at home and I can't remember, are the lifters pretty easy
to get to?  I know how to tear down a small block Chevy, but not an Audi - are
the rocker arms mounted right over the lifters like in my 350?  All I have to
do in the Chevy is pop off the valve cover, a single nut holds down the rocker
arm, and out comes the lifter.  Same deal on the Audi?  Na, can't be, that
would be too easy...  Thanks much for the heads up!  BTW, is it safe to drive
the car with a screwed lifter?  It's still sitting at home with bad shock
mounts, so I won't be driving it until next week anyway, but is it safe to
drive for a while until I fix the lifter?  Or should I just let the thing sit
for another year or two until I can afford to fix it?  I still have the '84 (my
girlfriend is real happy about that too!) so I can let the thing go a little
while longer, but the Quattro is definately more fun to drive than the 5kS!

87 5000CS TQ