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Re: 87 5kTQ Valve Tap

On Fri, 7 Apr 1995, Michael Spiers wrote:

> Hmm, I'm taking this t mean Audi's don't have pushrods either eh...  Sounds
> like you may be hinting that I need to take a close look at my Bentley before
> tearing into my TQ!  8~}
> -Mike
> 87 5000CS TQ (with rocker arms, pushrods, Cragar rims and traction bars on the
> rear springs)

Check to see if its your rocker arms, or the holley double pumper. Could 
be either :)  While you're there, might want to check into the drum 
brakes... (The things at the end of the live rear end!) :)

Them Jermans put the cam on TOP of their engines! :)

Clearly a quick browse through the Bently wouldnt hurt! 


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