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Re: An Audi Story

Nice to know things have not changed that much in Nags Head--

True Story--about 25 or so years ago I lived in DC (Washington, DC for 
you non-east coast types) and my wife and I vacationed in Nags Head, Kill 
Devils Hills, etc. with great regularity.  This particular trip we were 
driving a Chevy (Chebbie in local-speak) Corvair Monza Spyder and it 
began to make some semi-strnange type noises.  Stopped at the local Esso 
(Exxon) station around Jockey Ridge and asked the local mechanic good 
ole' boy to take a look at the car.  He took one look at my Detroit-sired 
ride and said "we dont work on no foreign cars"  My wife, a native of 
Virginia, finally began to understand why the South finished second in 
the war!

Bill Murin
currently in Wisconsin but still a Jersey guy at heart
'87 4KCSQ