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Re: Quattro Digest V2 #142

Eliot Lim writes:

> On Fri, 7 Apr 1995 LToy@aol.com wrote:
[scissor applied]
> the 5v a4 turbo will be coming, but i've not heard of an a6 with this 
> engine (yet).
> > Given typical (legitimate) US driving styles, this engine probably 
> > would not keep most US drivers happy--I'm guessing that the engine
> > is a typical small-displacement, high-rev engine with minimal low-end
> not quite.  the complete opposite is true.. the engine makes only 
> about 150 bhp, but max. torque is available right from 1750 rpm 
> and stays flat all the way through till 4000 or so.  the new audi turbos 
> (started with the 91 200TQ) really do shatter the turbo stereotype of 
> being high strung, laggy and generally unpleasant.  in fact, with these
> implementations of turbos, you actually have nicer characteristics than
> atmospherics.
Agreed.  My comments on the 5v-4cyl assumed it to be a normally aspirated
motor.  I am VERY aware of the '91 200 Q and its flat torque curve ;-) 
Generally, smaller turbo sizes promote reduced lag, and this effect can be
applied to older, 10v turbos as well.  However, the 10v motors still don't
have the high-compression ratios of the 20v.  I find it really interesting
that V*lv* now has a 5 cyl 20v turbo of about 2.2L (?) displacement with
about 220+ hp.  Of course it took them a few years longer to bring it out! 
> eliot