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Re: Tappet Problem - Help!

Ross asks:
> From: parker@mprgate.mpr.ca (Ross Parker)
> Date: Fri, 7 Apr 95 13:39:06 PDT
> Subject: Tappet Problem - Help!
> 1 tappet out of the 10 (it's a 5 cyl) compresses (and rebounds) under
> hand pressure. The other 9 do not. The center nub (that actually acts
> on the valve stem) rotates freely in all 10.
> Never having held a hydraulic tappet in my hand before, I'm not sure
> which action (the 1 or the 9) is correct. I'd have thought that if I
> had *9* tappets out of action, I'd have a lot more noise than I do, and
> it'd be a lot more consistent. However, the nice action of the 1 tappet
> that compresses just seems 'right' to me.
You have a 90% probability of something. :) On 'mercan V-8s, you know,
_real_ iron, the tappets didn't compress. I think you've found your
bad one. I've not had an opportunity to take my 4000Q engine apart.
> If the 9 are supposed to compress, any suggestions as to how I can try to
> free them? They've been sitting in a pan of varsol for about 4 days now
> (yeah, I know, it ain't a super-solvent...) but no difference yet.
I always used automatic transmission fluid (red stuff). It would dissolve
most things within hours. Like I said before, I haven't been that far
into my Audi.

good luck

-steve powers