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Re: *are hondas really that bad?

> After my minor conversions, it really wasn't a bad car.  It still was
> boring and unlike some of y'all, I thought the suspension wasn't great--OK
> but I felt the corners--Help I'm being sucked out the window!  Audis,
> although bigger and heavier, corner better in general.  It's a good car
> if your looking for something simple (simple is accords middle name).  I
> enjoyed the car while I had it, but I don't think I'll ever buy another.

I don't know about you people but I LOVE my sister's '88 Honda Accord LXi.
It was only because she bought that car that she sold me her '81 Audi 4000
and finally broke me of my BMW habit!  Seven years and five Audis later, I
am still in her debt (although I must admit the 1988 M5 that I very nearly
bought for $14,500 in November of 1992 was tempting, to say the least...).

BTW, with a decent pair of shocks and tires, her car actually handles pretty
well ... well, maybe not "handle" -- it actually feels kind of numb at speed
-- but it WILL go around corners quickly.  Back in 1993, I impressed her car
into service at the Phoenix Pro Solo when I wasn't able to get the new motor
for my '85 4000s installed in time and managed to finish THIRD in class with
an automatic, no less.  After splitting the prize and contingency money with
her, I was $50 ahead and convinced a two-door base model Accord (5-speed, no
sunroof or air) might just be competitive in H-stock.

That said, I couldn't bring myself to actually go look for one.  Me?  Own a
Honda?  I don't think so...

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