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Re: Audi Quattro Club "quarterly" & memberships

Attention  Fellow Quattro Enthusiasts

The Audi Quattro Club, USA's Spring 
issue of the  "quattro quarterly" is
currently in production & to be printed
late April.  Please try to be patient, as
we have switched our methods, hopefully
for the better.

The four "quattro quarterly" issues this
year will sport a new look of cover Illustrations,
design & other goodies. 

Stay tuned for info on Factory Audi Sport
videos, art etc...

We will try to be on-time with
mailings of newsletters and servicing
our members better.

Please e-mail me for your specific club questions,
regarding the "quarterly" look for starters. ( & any
other gripes.  I will forward these to
the correct dept., membership, admin, etc...)

This is a rudementary first step at reaching out
to all of you, and most possiblly will change soon.
(I'm sure it will, as Dave Lawson will get's wind of
this and say,  hey!  T-)

Talk to everyone soon!  Thanks again,
and let us know your thoughts
Thompson Smith
Art Director
Audi Quattro Club, USA