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Seeking non all season 195 60 14s

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> From quattro-owner@coimbra.ans.net Sat Apr  8 15:35:42 1995
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> From: Glenn Kaufman <Glenn_Kaufman.LOTUS@crd.lotus.com>
> Date:  8 Apr 95 14:36:11 EDT
> Subject: Seeking non all season 195 60 14s either H or V rated - Yokohama
>   509s or others recommended
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> Any recommendations on a tire that has great wet performance, good dry, and a 
> reasonable ride which ideally is better the ride I have now.  
> - Has anyone used the Yoko 509s?  
> - I once read in a British car mag the the AVS Intermediates are noisy and 
> harsh!  Any experience?
> - How about the Dunlop D60 M2s (not the D40 M2s or D60 A2s).   
   From what I've heard the Dunlop D60 M2's can no longer be purchased.
I tried to buy them fro the tire rack but to no avail.


> - The RE71s are out of my budget (V rated ones are about $150 installed).
> Currently, I have the Yoko AVS U+4s (excellent in wet, adequate in dry, bouncy 
> ride).  I'm going to keep them for winter but want a summer set of tires.  
> Hopefully, by having a summer tire, I can get a better dry and riding tire 
> without sacrificing the wet performance (except for snow).
> With thanks,
> Glenn, '86 Coupe GT