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Heater cores...

> We certainly arent going to take out our heater cores or a/c's.

Don't be so sure ... the '81 4000 (2dr, no sunroof) that I autocrossed back
in '89 weighed 2054 pounds in racing trim with 4 gallons of gas.  While the
SCCA's stock-class rules allowed a/c systems to be removed, they didn't say
exactly what constituted "air conditioning" ... when my heater core started
leaking, I decided not to replace it figuring that I could make an argument
that it was, technically speaking, also an "air conditioner" in the event I
was ever protested.  I even carried around a photocopy of the definition of
the word "condition" to assist me in my defense (thankfully, I never needed
to use it and having served on protest committees since then, I now realize
how specious my argument would have been had I ever been forced to make it).
At the time, this car also served as my daily-driver and I drove it without
either heat or a/c for well over a year ... needless to say, I'm not nearly
so dedicated these days and am thankful the a/c in my 5000 works (even if I
sometimes have to put up with it blowing through the defroster vents rather
than the dash vents!).

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