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Re: *are hondas really that bad?

  Hondas aren't *really* that bad, honest! It's all a matter of

  One purchases a honda to do a job, it is a "transportation appliance"
  much like a toaster or
  a refrigerator, only it's designed to provide for transportation from
  point A to point B, Vs keeping
  the weinerschnitzel and dopplebock cold. The application of buying guides
  such as
  _Consumer Reports_   and  _Readers Digest_ is totally appropriate when
  you are looking at buying household appliances, such as toasters,
  iceboxes and hondas.

  Now Audis are another matter altogether, as Audis are Automobiles and are
  not to be confused with transportation appliances..... or hondas.  An
  Automobile is purchased from the heart, from emotion and the satisfaction
  one enjoys from driving  and owning a fine automobile. Automobiles have
  personality and soul, they live and become part of our lives and our

  Ever feel like the 'fridge was part of your family?