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Mikey Buy's a Wagon !!!

Well Guy's I went and did it this weekend.... Checking
out the Sunday Globe I spotted a 1989 Audi 100 Avant (wagon),
original owner, dealer serviced, with all service records,
it's silver blue, with blue leather, 90k miles, in excellent
condition, (they already replaced the power steering pump :-) 
went to go check it out in lincoln mass.  The husband had just
bought the wife a new audi wagon, she wanted the old one, so 
I of course told her we would take the new one instead :-)
It was a good try anyway.....  While my wife was checking 
the car I was looking at the other toy in the garage.... 
Nice Rolls Royce :-) oh look at that picture of the Thunderbird's
at Hanscom Air Force Base, Hey isn't that the guy standing next to
me ? Cool......  How would you like to adopt a new son ? He kinda
looks at me funny and walked away... Geez no sense humor.... :-)  

anyway... We pick it up tomorow(tuesday).  Just thought I'd let
everybody now the search is over!!


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