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Re: Tires (Mail Order) (fwd)

> > I have my 2nd set of Comp T/A 's on my 80Q, but I should be on my 1st set.
> > on 3 of the tires on my 1st set, I developed splits on the sidewalls. I
> > bought them at NTW, they gave me an 88% refund towards another set (after 
> > 20K). Good tires, but I don't know how you would deal with defects after 20K. 
> > The price for the 195/60 HR 14's at NTW was 70$/tire, while the magazines 
> > had them for 62-64$/tire. Personally I don't think mail order is worth it 
> > for 25-30$.
> No flame intended here, but I think that there might be a connection among
> the factors cited: Major defects in tires purchased from major discounter.
> Personally, I always buy my tires from a local dealer and pay the freight. Just 
> FWIW, I don't buy parts and expect my mechanic to install them at his regular 
> rates either.  The reason is simply that I like to support the small 
> businessman. Also, just FWIW, I've never had problems with BFG tires this way.

I've always had good results with NTW, and doubt that major discounter is a 
factor in major tire defects, maybe in their store brand, but not in BFG's.
All tire dealers have the same chance of providing tires with defects.

I also prefer to do business with the small businessman for the majority
of my repairs, but I don't feel like parting with the extra $100-150 to
get a new set of tires on my car. I dunno, call me cheap, but that would
be like getting a free Bently manual for my car.