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Re: weight differences

   > Lotus Europa   1516#  126bhp  12#/hp  (@ 35 mpg... Nyah Nyah)

     1967 AC Cobra  ~1900#  375hp    5.07#/hp (0->100mph->0 in 10 sec.)

But *I*'ve never been able to afford one of those . . . (the second
dumbest decision I ever made in my life was passing up an opportunity
to buy a 67 GT350 in great condition back in 1977, for $3,500!!!!!

A few years back, one of the car rags ran a "retrospective" or something
like that. One of the cars they "tested" was a Cobra. I think the best
they could do was 11.9 for 0-100-0. [Well, I could live with that...]


P.S.	Didn't the 427 (428? it's been too long) have over 400hp?