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Re: Wonder Chips - add 35 horse

On Mon, 10 Apr 1995, Robert Myers wrote:

> It's NOT too good to be true.  +35 maybe +25-30 is more like it.  Check 
> with Intended Accelleration, Olympia Washington.  Ned Ritchey is 
> well-known for his chip mods.  Your car is safe.

Hi Bob,
Thank you for your info.
1. Where can I get hold of this "Intended Acceleration, Oylmpia Washington"
   article from Ned Ritchey ? Or how can I contact Ned Ritchey for this info?

2. Who is Ned ?  Is he a dealer ?  Where is he ?
   I am in Canada, is there someone in Canada who has the same chip ?

3. Would +25 - 30 hp make a noticeable difference in performance ?
   In other words is it worthed (from a fun and performance point of
   view) ?

Thank you for your help.

Solomon Ngan  '90 90SQ 20V / '84 5000S