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4000 quattro parts wanted; other questions

Hi all,

I am looking for some misc parts from a 4000Q and thought someone on the net 
might have some laying around. Here goes..

85-87 4000/4000Q/GT front grill center section

85-87 4000Q differential lock vacum lines- I am looking for the complete 
vacum line harness from the diff lock panel to the rear differential.

86-87 Coupe GT body color rear spoiler.

85-87 4000/4000Q/GT plastic trim which holds the swtiches around the 

85-87 4000/4000Q/GT heated seat control relays, relay sockets and wiring 
harness. I already have the seats and the thumbwheel temperature controls.

Other questions:

Has anyone installed electric power door lock solenoids in place of the 
standard Audi vacum system?

What is the mounting depth of the Fuba type 16V GTI roof mounted antenna? Do 
the connections come in from the side? I am looking at changing to the roof 
antenna on my TQC and was wondering how large the bottom section of the 
antenna is.

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
86 coupe GT- daily driver
83 TQC - in a billion pieces