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Re: special/commemorative 4000quattros/GTs

I have the '86 Coupe GT in white and red interior.  There is actually an 
advantage to having drum brakes in the rear.  With drums, the rear suspension 
can be shimmed to be aligned.  Since it's a rigid axle, there are normally no 
adjustments to align the rear suspension.  With discs on the rear, you can't 
use shims.  

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Date: 04/10/95 02:06:00 PM
Subject: Re: special/commemorative 4000quattros/GTs

>  Actually, are you sure that the "Special Quattro" wasn't just an '87
>4KQ commemmorative edition with the Quattro inscription on the seats?
>  I had a late "87 Coupe GT with the 130 horse engine and was assured
>that this motor was not installed on any 4k Quattros, just the 115HP.
>They do make the white with white rims on both Coupe and Quattro just the
>larger motor on the Coupe though. Let me know otherwise.

The commemorative edition of the 4000Q and coupe GT was available in 1986. 
These cars can be distinguished by the lipstick red leather interior. They 
were available in both white and graphite. The white cars I have seen also 
had white wheels. The coupe GT had the digital dash and body color rear 
spoiler which came on the MY 87 cars.

As I recall, in MY 87, the only car with the 130hp engine was the GT. This 
version of the GT had the 130hp engine, digital dash, body color rear 
spoiler, body color side mirrors, and disk brakes on the rear.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com