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Re: electrical problems

Excerpts from mail: 10-Apr-95 re: electrical problems by Robert D.
> I consider that a very specious argument. Unless you really have to crank
> for awhile (like minute or two), your car should be able to recharge
> the battery in just a minute or so, even with headlights and fresh air
> fan and ...
I agree.  I have an '81 audi 5000 Diesel, and admittedly I have a
battery twice the size of anyone elses, but I left my lights(parking
lites only because it's an audi) on while at work once for 8-9 hours and
my car started fine(summer of course).  My car will crank for well over
a minute, so I don't see how a healthy battery could possibly die just
from accessory loads in just a few minutes.  
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