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Re: turbos power

Ask steadiric, he went for a ride, the RS2 takes the S4 with no problem down
low, it is more streetable than the S4 and will, long term be more reliable,
cuz it's k26 not k24 base....  I will also say that I went for a ride in
Ned's 420hp 5ktq, not as much of a diff as I would have thought, and I got
him at low end too, but he's using the 956 turbo, so that dictates hi rpm
power.....  If your a feered of the low end loss leave the stock exhaust on
(minus cat maybe), it will generate enough torque to 4 wheel squeel the 5ktq
out of the hole without the 6krpm turbo dump....  B4 you make the "net"
decision to take the S4, come to grattan and take a ride, I know there's only
4 of these pups in the country now, but by summer........  I assure you that
the real world will indicate I'm not just thinkin on this power thing