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200TQ brakes...

   From: "Bob D'Amato" <Bob.Damato@starfleet.itc.snetlink.com>

   On Mon, 10 Apr 1995, John Mallick wrote:

   > I've been looking at a used 1991 200TQ 20V.  Nice shape, but it still
   > has those "internal caliper" front disks.  How problematic are they?
   > Right now, the brakes in the car feel fine (new pads).  Would I be
   > heading for a boatload of trouble in the future.  How much are
   > replacements anyhow, if needed?
   Those are the same as the V8 brakes, and quite expensive... (rotors about 
   $500 each). There was a conversion for these that used the regular 200 
   rotors. Seems like a good idea to me!


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But are they really problematic?  Right now for my '84 4000Q I'm
shelling out $250/section for the muffler system and it only lasts
about 3 years.  $500/disk...seems a bit steep...I could believe $500
for two.

Any 200TQ owners out there care to enlighten me?   I sort of itchin'
to buy...