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AudiWatch (Tm) Quattro Challenge date set!


  The next (first)  AudiWatch (Tm) Quattro Challenge has been scheduled for
  next Wednesday,
  April 19th, 95 at New England Dragway in Epping NH.

  Wed nights are what they call grudge nights, where spectator street cars
  are allowed to use
  the 1/4 mi dragstrip and all the professional timing equipment, the same
  stuff the pros use, you
  even get your own hard-copy timeslips just like the pros. The cost is, I
  think, $12-15 for the
  entire night, for as may runs as you want and/or as time allows. These
  early spring nights
  are great cause its not very crowded and the cool evening air helps add
  HP, especially for
  the turbo cars. You can line up with a buddy/competitor to run against,
  or just go with
  whatever you happen to be lined up with when you get up to the starting
  line. You could be
  up against a VW bug or a 3000HP funnycar. Some of the pros use grudge
  nights for testing
  and tuning, so you often get to see a pretty good show for free. This is
  all *VERY* informal
  and strictly for fun  (or CASH :). Its all about seeing how your car can
  perform, checking
  the results of tuning & mods and challenging your friends and fellow
  Quattro owners to
  see how different cars and setups compare.

  Your car will be subjected to a brief and simple safety tech, looking for
  major leaks, missing
  lugnuts and the presence of seatbelts. I don't think you need a helmet
  unless you will be running
  under 13 seconds ET. We Audi owners likely dont need to worry too much
  about that......  :(

  The gate opens at 5 pm and racing starts at 6 pm. There is food available
  inside. Dont try to
  bring in any alcohol as all coolers and boots are checked when you enter
  the gate. You *will*
  be asked to pop your trunk for inspection, they are serious about safety.

  If it rains they will stop the racing, so if it looks real bad
  weather-wise, plan on aborting the trip.

  Directions: no need to check in with me, just show up!

  The track is in Epping NH off  Rte. 101. Take Rte 101 East from Rte 93.

  NED phone number is: 603-679-8001

  Ill be in a red 84 4000Q and/or a silver/blue 87 5000CSQTW, most likely
  in the 4000Q.
  Please look for us!

  MY CHALLENGE: any non-turbo Audi      (Ill be running the 84  4000Q)