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Wheel bearing noise??

Before I start, its nice to be back on the alias.  I missed the transition
in the alias and was off for a couple of months.

The subject is 88 Audi 90 with ~120K miles.  Couple of months ago I
replaced the tires and shock on this car.  The tires are Falken 6U and
the shocks are Boge Progas.  My feeling for the  tire is that give
you reasonable performance/longevity at relatively low price.  The
Progas are significantly stiffer than whatever was on the car.
It prompts me to take the Highway ramp at the a faster speed.
 The high speed stability of the car has significantly improved.
At 80+ every time the car hit a freeway bump the
entire car would lift up to the limit of the suspension travel and it
definitely was not confidence inspiring.  That is gone.  I can
not go as far as saying the handling of the car is in par with what I
believe a true sport sedan should be.  (ie BMW. Alfa, etc).  The
side effect of having the stiffer suspension is obviously that one notices
the bumps in the freeway especially when there is nobody in the car
and gas tank is low.  Also since the car rides higher there is a little bit
more squeaks.

Now getting on to my question is that lately (before the tire change) I have
noticed "roaring" noise coming from the front wheels.  It definitely
becomes louder on right turns and it seems to be emanating from
the passenger front wheel.  Is it time to change wheel bearings or
could it be some other problem.