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Re: 4KS "Normal" oil temp.?

>When I say barely, I really mean *barely*!!  I can run a 6000rpm,
>screaming, run-the-guts-out autocross event and then sit in 90 deg. heat
>for 10 minutes in line and it hasn't ever gotten to the 130 mark that I
>have seen.  It seems to climb *just* above the 60 mark, as in, the little
>needle barely clears the mark for 60.
>                                ----Bob Phillips

My '85 GT currently runs right around the 80' mark for normal city driving,
and goes 1/2 to 2/3 of the way to the 130' mark during highway driving.
Now, when my engine and cooling system were having problems, I saw it reach
around 150' on a long summer highway trip to South Florida.  Whenever the
water temp would drop back to normal (for some mysterious reason), the oil
temp would drop back to 130'.  After fixing the cooling system, the temps
are much more what I would expect.  BTW, I'm running Mobil-1 15W-50.