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RE: Radar/Laser Detectors

In response to the last few messages regarding detectors,

>  Coincidentally, I heard something on the radio this morning that
>  indicated that NH may now be using LASER for speed detection. Looks like
>  the time for a new detector is finally here!
>  Can anyone confirm LASER use in MA or in NH?

I can confirm Laser use in NH, I live in Maine and work in Phoenix (tough
commute).  Can also confirm Laser in KS,MO,AZ (I think its in just certain
areas, and couldn't tel you exactly which).

I currently have a Passport 5000.  Its a good detector.  Itsalso got a funky LCD
display (backlit).  Its cool, but you cant see it with polarized sunglassed on -
I'd say a big engineering boo-boo.  I'm thinking about leaving that one in Maine
(don't need the glasses as much) and getting a Valentine-One.
I just recieved the litrature direct from Valentine - its quite comprehensive
(the model with laser is about 379, the passport 5000 is 199ish)

Let us know if you buy one and how you like it.

Randy Paquette...