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Re: 5kTQ Valve Tap

> Are you sure it's valves you here tapping ?

No, I'm not sure.  I based this on a suggestion from this list that makes a
good deal of sense, but sense the list member hasn't actually heard the car
(kinda hard over the InterNet!) and I don't know what the hell I'm doing, I
really am not sure where the noise is comming from!

> my fuel injectors sound
> like valve clatter also... You may to put the stethoscope on the
> fuel injector to check.

I'll do just that!  Thanks for the tip!  Someone else on this list told me to
check these suckers because of a different noise, one I'm attributing to the
turbo.  Guess I'll stick the stethoscope down on the ol' injectors once I get

87 5000CS TQ