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Re: Muffler change

>  If you do decide to use the Anza pieces, let me know how it works >  for
>  - -- Eddi

Years ago, I had Ansa systems on a VW Type II (bus).  It rusted out within a
year.  A few years later, my buddy had a system on his Scirocco--same story.
 So far, I've been fortunate to have not had to buy Audi exhaust systems--the
only one I've had to deal with was replaced under warranty!  Although pricey,
I believe many Audi OE exhaust systems (from the dealer) have a lifetime

As for performance, years ago, the Borla tech I spoke with commented that the
4000 csq 1) wasn't a high volume car to attract their efforts, and 2) the
factory system was quite efficient.

my 2 cents.