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Fellow Q's

People are talking about Scott's 5K with the RS2 turbo; could somebody
tell me the actual setup there. Is it the full spec RS2 engine with the
alloy block and full Porsche modifications or is it just the turbo from
the RS2 ?

Has anybody had experience of the actual Audi RS2 ? My local Audi dealer
here in London says that he can arrange for a brand new Quattro Coupe
to be upgraded to the full RS2 spec as in the new estate. This is all
done at the factory in Germany - he is currently putting a quote together
for me.

Jason Crow          Salomon Brothers International Limited
<crow@sbil.co.uk>   ----------------------------------------------------
1990 Quattro Turbo 20V                          Tel: +44 (0)171-721-2580