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Re: [Chad Clark: Re: special/commemorative 4000quattros/GTs]

  You should explain to The Wife that selling the newer honda will realise
  a larger infusion of cash, as the honda is newer and has lower miles and
  will never realise a higher resale value than right now. Selling the
  almost fully depreciated Audi, with Audi's low resale value to boot, will
  not provide nearly as much cash as selling the honda. So there you go, a
  non-emotional, cold-accounting analysis *proves* that your should sell
  the honda, not the Coupe'. Some of the cash from the honda can be used to
  pay for the higher maint cost of the Audi. Likely, insurance and
  registration costs and taxes will also be lower on the older Audi, YMMV
  depending on your location.