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Reliability of special/commemorative 4000quattros/GTs]

I have a '86 Coupe GT.  It's been remarkably reliable!  I've never had a break 
down.  The right window motor burned out,  I needed new washer jets, had a 
small gas leak, and minor radiator leak for 4 yrs (1 quart a mth).  Otherwise, 
the rest has been normal wear and tear.  

This is pretty awesome for an 8.5 yr old car!

Out of curiosity, what problems have others had with the Coupe GT?  glenn

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On Wed, 12 Apr 1995, Chris Idleman wrote:

> Regarding your comment of "too bad they never stuck the turbo engine in the 
> coupe body though," of course they did!  UrQuattro!  I guess the real problem
> was that they didn't make the Ur's more reliable and make 'em the "standard
> model" and price it more "accessible".  Unfortunately, Audis ended up with
> the undeserved poor reliability rap *and* the reputation as "underpowered" in 

Ummm.. what do you mean not realiabel.. are they really that bad???? Im 
about to acquire one... I cant wait, but what goes on them?

Tell us more about your coupe... might know someone.

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