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84 5kS Radiator Prob's

Went to install my newly acquireed radiator that I picked up from a boneyard on
Saturday.  After wrestling with the car for an hour and a half in the rain, I
finally got the old radiator out.  There was NO WAY to not take out the fan
shroud with the radiator because the tube going to the overflow tank goes
through the shroud.  Anyhow, get the thing out, take the shroud off, get ready
to put it on the new radiator, doesn't fit.  Typical.  After some preliminary
dumb stares, I figured out that the new radiator is about an inch and a half
longer than what came out of the thing.  Measured the radiator in the Quattro
(sure is handy having two 5000's parked next to each other for comparison
purposes!) and sure enough, the radiator in the Quattro is an inch and a half
longer than the '84.  Now, I looked in a Modine book and it lists the same
radiator for Audi 5000/100/200's from '84-'91, so I wouldn't be any better off
by buying a new one.  What's the deal here?  Does this car have a leftover
radiator from the old body style cars?  My (her, whatever) '84 is the same body
style as my '87 TQ, but what's up with this radiator?  I'm going to go back by
the boneyard and pick up the shroud to try to make this one work, I'm assuming
it will.  All of the hose connections are in the same place, and I successfully
transplanted the two prong sensor out of the '84 and into the new one, but the
shroud is totally wrong.  I'm guessing that the new radiator will mount OK,
anyone with experience here?  I'm hoping that the new radiator doesn't stick
over where the hydraulic pump is mounted, that wouldn't be so good...  TIA for
any ideas!  Oh yeah, BTW, both the '84 and the '87 TQ radiators have plastic
tanks, where the one I got out of the '85 had copper tanks.  Is this just
because the '85 had an aftermarket radiator, or did '85's have copper from the

87 5000CS TQ