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Re: Deaf in the forest

We all hope that 1 our fuel injectors are quiet and two our fuel pumps are
quiet.....  Reality hits hard, I have my 87 with the original and very quiet
fuel pump with 140k on the clock, and I have the wifes 86 with 100k that has
the loudest FP I've heard to date that still starts the car.....  FInjectors
can be the same way, if you get no noise from em, things are going your
way.....  I had a connection with bosch that got me a full set of FI for my
noisy ones for 150 USD (don't post guys, can't do this anymore, test
equipment write off thing) for the 87 and by accident found my bearing
noise.....   My contact at bosch indicated that TECHRON (vw/audi as fuel
additive, but trak auto part) a few tanks thru can yield your injectors
another half life....  I do recommend it, it worked on the 86 beast.........