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Audi's image

How is the Audi's image in USA,Germany,UK ?
	In Thailand ,Mercedes and BMW has a lot better image than Audi,
Audi is cheaper,and has less modern engine ,A6 here propell by dated
2.3 10v. engine (S4 & S6 are rare).
	My dad drive 6 years old MB 230E into some hotel,the parking boy
slide the gate (just a small gate for reserve some parking lot for some
brand car) for him,he walk no more than 10M. to enter the hotel ,but one
day he drive Audi,the boy at parking lot didn't open the gate for him,this
time he walk a long distant to enter the hotel.. ,and in the other gates
there are Mercedes,BMW,Volvo...!
	Poor Audi...