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Re: Turbos, HP and Real World...

On Thu, 13 Apr 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> hmmmm....  Can understand what your saying, but the indicated boost pressure
> is not necessarily reflecting demand, just supply, so if the demand is higher
> on my 10v at agiven rpm I can have more flow at that rpm, even tho I'm
> showing supply of 1.5bar of charged air vs your 1.5 bar at the same rpm.....
>   This taking your reduced pressure argument....  Me thinks flow and boost
> pressure are two parameters not one....  I can have higher flow at a given
> pressure by changing a variey of turbo parameters......  I can have make a
> turbo flow 650cfm at 1.5 bar (argument only here) vs a smaller turbo that
> flows only 350cfm at 1.5bar........

	I have to agree with Scott here.  From a standpoint of numerical 
modeling, you can think of pressure as analogous to voltage in the 
electrical domain, and volume, amperage.  They are two very different 
variables, which measure different things.  For example, a 
fuel injector has 40-60psi of pressure with very small flow.  A river 
OTOH, has less than 1psi, but flows _ALOT_.

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