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Re: P21S Wheel Cleaner Endorsement

I have heard that P21S is similar if not identical to the stuff that BMW 
sells for cleaning wheels (at least the bottles look the same).  It is the 
only thing that can clean the wheels on the beemer [motorcycle] acceptably 
well, and I usually use it on the Audi wheels when I do my spring cleaning 
[where I pull the wheels off and clean them inside and out].  The only 
caveat is that you need to work quickly, especially if the wheels are warm 
... I've gotten a bit of yellowing of the finish when I left it sit for a 
few minutes.  All I had to do was re-apply the cleaner to get it off.

Can anyone confirm or deny if P21S is the same stuff?  I had been thinking 
about buying some to test it out.
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