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Re: Undeliverable Message

Enough already.  Someone there @nes.com has got to have enough gray matter to
be able to figure that one of your account-holders is subscribed to a mailing
list, and further, that the list itself, is *not* the proper place to send your
bounces.  Especially when the messages are *Freakin'* Digests!

Jesus!  and *AOL* subscribers have a bad name for being net-stupid...

I can readily see that this matter is your ken, however.  But, I urge you,
don't despair or be embarrased or humiliated (as I know you would
otherwise be) by this seeming lack of intellectual capacity!

After all, although to date, *every* postmaster able to master the task
of emptying a boot filled with urine (*when* instructions for this task
were printed clearly on the heel - although in fairness, it must be noted
that the *setting-up your post-office to bounce overflow* task is not as
*complex* as emptying the boot - ) has also been able, unaided, to set-up
their post-office to bounce overflow to the original sender and not to a
mailing list; let's face it, in *several* cases where instructions were
*not* provided on the boot heel, several test subjects failed! (Well, OK,
those subjects *were* lemurs, and lack opposable thumbs; but what the
heck, they *failed*, nonethless! OK, OK, they didn't *all* fail, but
*several* of them did!  Well, OK, 3 out of 150 did.)

In message <vCx7+atLXjA@hal.nes.com>  writes:
> To:            quattro-digest@coimbra.ans.net
> Cc:            
> Subject:       Quattro Digest V2 #169
> Message not delivered to recipients below.  Press F1 for help with VNM
> error codes.               
> 	VNM3043:  Ian Duff@Tech@NESystems

<pressing F1 boss...>